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Brief Encounters

Listen to Britain

Humphrey Jennings, Stewart McAllister

Listen to Britain
1942|UK|20 min|BW|Live Action

- Fighting spirit stays on.

Of Time and the City, by Terence Davies

Hard knock,
	By a flew-in fear,
		Surrounding the pier.
Dark to see,
	If the star in the sky,
		Is long enough to hear.
Empty intersections,
	Stones are seared,
		The heat is near.
But the sound, like music,
	Brings those away from home, tears.


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La perle

Henri d'Ursel

La perle
1929|Belgium|33 min|BW|Live Action

- The crime of the subconscious.

Les vampires, by Louis Feuillade

She is looking at the mirror in the shower,
	Showing date and time and the hour.
		It is time to take the towel,
			From head to tow and still lower.
She is looking at the mirror in the tower,
	Seeing herself with no power,
		To take and own a flower,
			Like a naked coward.
It is such a crime,
	like no others,
		to leave a shower for a flower.


Cinecouch's Favorite

Freedom of Leg
(Wolnosc nogi)

Piotr Dumala

Freedom of Leg
1989|Poland|10 min|Col|Animation

- Death of the individual.

Absurdism/Political Satire
Secret Honor, by Robert Altman

Yes, it only sells as a pair.
No, you won't find it anywhere else.
Yes, this is certainly your size.
No, we cannot change the color.
Yes, you may donate the other one.
No, not to us...
Yes, it is on sale.
No, the donation is not deductible.
Yes, it is fully refundable.
No, you may not wear it without shoes...
Yes, you may come back tomorrow.


Jonathan Rosenbaum 1000
Brief Encounters
Cinecouch's Essential Films

Ballet mécanique

Fernand Léger, Dudley Murphy

Ballet mecanique
1924|France|19 min|BW|Live Action

- Magnificent composition!

Avant-garde/Visual Music
Man with a Moving Camera, by Dziga Vertov

	Act I
		now listen to your eyes.
		Act II
	Kidnap the ballerina by her legs.

			Act III
			Just watch.


Cinecouch's Essential Films
Cinecouch's Favorite

Time Piece

Jim Henson

1965|USA|9 min|Col|Live Action

- Consume the clock.

Enthusiasm, by Dziga Vertov

Tick, Dinner is ready,
	Tick, Dessert is ready,
		Tick, Bed is ready,
	Tick,	Sleep is ready,
Tick, 		Sun is ready,
	Tick, Your    car is ready,
	Tick, 		You are ready,
Tick,				The day is ready,
Tick, Home is 			ready,
Tick, 		Ready for what?


Cinecouch's Favorite

The Little Orphan

Joseph Barbera, William Hanna

The Little Orphan
1948|USA|8 min|Col|Animation

- A delicious uninvitation.

Family Comedy/Surrealism
, by

A box,
	Wrapped with mud,
		Carried by a stud.
		A hat,
			On a tiny head, sat.
		Rolling of two crystals,
			Bewilders the little.
		Is it not a wonderful day,
	For the little bud,
		To stay?


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Walerian Borowczyk

1963|France|10 min|BW|Animation

- When logic is on vacation.

The Marriage of Maria Braun, by R.W. Fassbinder

A man applies for his first job,
	And waits patiently at the door,
	And rolls nervously his golden fob,
	And looks helplessly at the knob,
	And vibes painfully from his throb,
	And sits as if he were robbed,
	And talks along with some sob.
The knob turns and starts to hop,
	He is called in for an op.
		A slob he was,
			But today he is on the job.


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Georges Schwizgebel

1977|Switzerland|6 min|Col|Animation

- Memory's alternative reality.

Experimental/Visual Amorphism
The Saragossa Manuscript, by Wojciech Has

Patience is a virtue,
	Which is exceptionally true
		When playing football.
			But sometimes,
			You feel like the ball is playing you.
			It is not that you are impatient,
			Nor that you are too ancient,
			But only the ball is playing you.
		And when the ball plays you,
		You find yourself ridiculed,
		By the same view, and the same rule.


Annecy 100
Cinecouch's Favorite

The Nose
(Le nez)

Alexander Alexeieff, Claire Parker

Le nez
1963|France|11 min|BW|Animation

- Possession of a cut-through moment.

Surrealism/Social Satire
, by


	He is laughing at you!

But you won't notice,
	You don't have the nose for it.


TSPDT 1000
Cinecouch's Essential Films
Cinecouch's Favorite

Four Seasons
(Vremena goda)

Artavazd Peleshian

Seasons of the Year
1975|Soviet Union|29 min|BW|Live Action

- The transient beauty remains asleep.

Poetic Documentary
Earth, by Aleksandr Dovzhenko

The rain is dry,
	on the side,
		as if the sun,
			caught the tide.
White waves ride along the stone pave,
	as the season change,
		Life goes along with the utmost brave.
And it slides and rises,
	And it blows and raves.
The sheep remains asleep,
	The feet never repeat.