Pending - Top 1000 Short Films, Version III


Introduction to Cinecouch

When we talk about films, most likely it will be about feature films that have been shown in a movie theatre. Films that do not have the length for a full ticket price usually get marginalized and shelved quickly regardless of their quality. The widespread overlooking on short films seems to exist in all circles of cinema. If you take a look at various critics' lists, it is not uncommon to see 99% of them features with 1% shorts that are too well-known to be ignored. Short film is probably never considered as a genre but rather an exercise for directors' later feature pieces. However, I believe it is simply that they are looking at the wrong thing. You will never find the touch of a 90min feature in a 10min short, and vice versa. The unique constraint of time and scope of short films allows filmmakers to experiment and innovate beyond traditional cinema, and I believe that each of those pioneers, innovators, and artists who have gone so far, deserves a place above the shadow of the obscure cinema.

When I look at various lists, I find it next to impossible to pull off something like TSPDT's Top 1000 for short film simply based on prestigious reviews and lists as being weighted. It would not be fair to compile a list from either heavily biased ones(animation, live-action), or incomprehensive ones that does not include films rarely seen outside of institution. This is why I have started this website by combining my own list after years' of viewings, research in various institutions, museums, and distributors, and other notable lists endorsed by acclaimed critics, all on a weighted basis. This on-going project is called Top 1000 Short Films, which is being updated constantly. I have also included films that are "too short for features, too long for shorts" in On-The-Verge as a complement for those who crave more than the current compilation. For more information, you can go to the About section here.