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Cinecouch's Essential Films

The Seine Meets Paris
(La Seine a rencontré Paris)

Joris Ivens

The Seine Meets Paris
1957|France|32 min|BW|Live Action

- Paris a la mode.

Film Poetry/Documentary
, by

The slender figures,
	Of the curves of the streets and rivers,
		Reflect my secret hivers.
Frozen waters,
	Thawing in my walk,
		From tilt top to shimmers.
Black and white mirrors,
	Set up those memorable shivers,
		on the boats of those misters.
The pier is about to take off,
		And take down those dreamers.


Cinecouch's Favorite

The Bread and Alley
(Nan va Koutcheh)

Abbas Kiarostami

Bread and Alley
1970|Iran|10 min|BW|Live Action

- Folly in jolly alley.

Curious Cinema
, by

Random morning,
	Not much to do,
		Except eating up those warnings.
Slow afternoon,
	Not much to see,
		Unless one mistakes the sun for moon.
Luminous night,
	Much to do,
	Much to see,
		But to snap that you just might
			Stay up until the next morning.


Brief Encounters
Cinecouch's Essential Films
Cinecouch's Favorite


Ed Emshwiller

1962|USA|5 min|BW|Live Action

- Living the death.

Macabre Cinema/Avant-garde
, by

Oh you wake up,
	From a sting of life,
		To a string of strife.
		And to look ahead?
		Blank space is lit by night,
		Empty shell is lifted by kites.
You no longer feel the need for dreaming,
	For whatever eludes from the dark,
		Is truly the essence of living.


Annecy 100
Cinecouch's Essential Films

Dojoji Temple

Kihachiro Kawamoto

1976|Japan|19 min|Col|Animation

- The exit from within.

Mythology/Psychological Thriller
Kaidan, by Masaki Kobayashi

	when the bell rings
		when the ring bells
			when she rings
			when bell rings on him
		when he bells
	when he should have rung
when he should just run cant be found


Jonathan Rosenbaum 1000
Brief Encounters
Cinecouch's Favorite

Motion Painting No. 1

Oskar Fischinger

Motion Painting No.1
1947|USA|11 min|Col|Animation

- The abstract expressionist goes to movies.

Visual Music/Avant-garde
, by

(Setting: Cafe)
(Time: Early afternoon)
(Weather: Very permitting)
- What do you think of my coffee? Look at those circled lines.
- Cinnamon buns are much better, they fade to the center.
- You two are so out of date, it's going to rain pretty soon,
  just wait till you see the umbrellas.
- Why should I wait if I could just have my coffee now?
- Hmm, it tastes like last summer.
- Oh you fools, slaves to your tongues. Umbrellas spin off the
  rain and, moves your ears to where your eyes live.


Brief Encounters
Cinecouch's Essential Films

Serene Velocity

Ernie Gehr

Serene Velocity
1970|USA|23 min|Col|Live Action

- The morning of "technical advance"ment.

, by

It is said
	It is rather difficult
		To nap when
			It is just dark enough that
				It is close to night time.
It isn't said (however that)
	It isn't too easy
		To sleep when
			It isn't yet noon that
				It isn't anywhere near your bed.


Jonathan Rosenbaum 1000
Cinecouch's Essential Films

The Deadman

Peggy Ahwesh, Keith Sanborn

The Deadman
1987|USA|38 min|BW|Live Action

- Release yourself in a vending machine.

Surreal Eroticism/Mystery
Eyes Wide Shut, by Stanley Kubrick

There are three ways to deal with your boyfriend's body:

	Leave it alone at night;
		Put it in a refrigerator;
			or, Leave it to another woman.
But don't leave it alone at night when it's warm;
    don't put it in a refrigerator when it's cold;
And don't leave it to another woman when it's both.

Remember the rules - Now you can have fun!


Jonathan Rosenbaum 1000
Brief Encounters

Hôtel des Invalides

Georges Franju

Hotel des Invalides
1952|France|23 min|BW|Live Action

- Museum of human stones.

Journey to Italy, by Roberto Rossellini

Cold steel,
	Seals the engine,
		By which we used to steal.
History repeats,
	Not by itself,
		But to whoever has the treat.
Memory of the past,
	Is to fight oneself,
		When nothing else last.
			Now the ice metal speaks,
				Melts your body, into the vast.


Annecy 100
Cinecouch's Favorite

Boniface's Holiday
(Kanikuly Bonifatsiya)

Fyodor Khitruk

Boniface's Holiday
1965|Soviet Union|21 min|Col|Animation

- Home within you.

, by

			Far away
		Alone in a crowded city
			Close enough
		To an unfamiliar surrounding
			Firmly breathe
		The air that fuels your body
		No longer a drift-away place
		But a take-away serenity


Cinecouch's Favorite


Gene Deitch

1961|USA/ČSSR|9 min|Col|Animation

- The boy who wants to be a boy.

Political Satire
, by

A boy is looking for a refund,
	For his recent experience,
		At his glass-domed hedge fund.
The man looks at him,
	And finds himself quivering,
		Over a sum of large glimmering.
			The boy shouts and smashes on his desk,
			The man freezes and sits on his mess.
The boy stands up and leaves the door swinging,
	Back and forth - Back and forth
The man dares not to stand up and finds himself crying and crying.