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Puss Gets the Boot

Joseph Barbera, William Hanna

Puss Gets the Boot
1940|USA|9 min|Col|Animation

- Beginning of a grandular rivalry.

, by

The silent master gets the kick from the nap,
	no more than anyone else,
		sitting on his lap.
The little kid runs around and hits a gap,
	in between a screaming,
		soon followed by a slap.
To see that one needs not a map,
	for which no things are in place,
		yet again long enough to snap.
The silent master gets back to his nap,
	for the afternoon is about to wrap.


Annecy 100
Cinecouch's Essential Films

The Public Voice
(Den offentlige røst)

Lejf Marcussen

Den offentlige røst
1988|Denmark|11 min|Col|Animation

- Relativity of art.

, by

It is worth several hundred million dollars upon initiation.
It is worth seven hundred million dollars upon initiation.
It is worth seven hundred million dollars a pound initially.
It is worth sundry million dollars a pound initially.
It is worth so dream million dollars a pound initially.
It is worth so - dream a million dollars a pound - initially.
It is worse though, to dream a million dollars a pound initially.
It is worse than to dream a million dollars a pound effeciently.
It is worse than to dream a million dollars and pound effeciently.
It is worth then, to try million dollars, and pawned effeciently.
It is worth then too! Try a million dollars! And pose effeciently!


Brief Encounters
Cinecouch's Favorite

Der Schneemann

Hans Fischerkoesen

Der Schneemann
1943|Germany|13 min|Col|Animation

- Brave heart in the cold winter!

Lyrical Comedy/Fantasy
, by

		Ice melts when eyes smelt
		    winter no longer felt
		     life no longer dealt


Cinecouch's Favorite


Robert Enrico

1962|France|30 min|BW|Live Action

- The silent war.

Life is Beautiful, by Roberto Benigni

		This is a game
	  That kids should not play.
	 It makes you blind
			When the others are
					 But they are catching up,
			Oh, it's too late for some.


Cinecouch's Essential Films


Yukio Mishima, Masaki Dômoto

1966|Japan|30 min|BW|Live Action

- The self-fulfilled prophet.

Political Thriller/Avant-garde
Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters, by Paul Schrader

There is nothing to write home about
					     (What's in between?)
There is nothing at home to write about


Une bombe par hasard...

Jean-François Laguionie

Une bombe par hasard...
1969|France|8 min|Col|Animation

- Paranoia kills a cat.

, by

You are dead before you'll know it.

You are dead even if you know it.

You are dead even when you don't know it.

You are dead after you've known it.

So what?
	Says life,
		You might as well live.


Brief Encounters
Cinecouch's Essential Films


Chick Strand

1975|USA|25 min|Col|Live Action

- The spiral circle in subconsciousness.

, by

	Anxious and Angry to know
		What I have really done.
	Energetic and Enigmatic to know
		What I am really doing.
	Excited and Exhausted to know
		What I really could be doing.
I look at myself everyday,
	And find a mirror turning grey.


Cinecouch's Favorite

N.Y., N.Y.

Francis Thompson

1957|USA|15 min|Col|Live Action

- City in surgery.

Film Collage/Experimental
, by

		What's a city?
	2 slices, raw             $8.99
	2 slices, cooked          $9.99
	3 slices, raw             $11.99
	3 slices, cooked          $12.49
	Jumbo mix                 $15.99
	Time's Square             $19.99
	Time's Square Special     $21.99
	MoMA                      $29.99
	MoMA Select                MP


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Cinecouch's Favorite

Earth of People
(Mardkants yerkire)

Artavazd Peleshian

Earth of People
1966|Soviet Union|10 min|BW|Live Action

- Rhythms of a great *mother*.

Avant-garde/Film Collage
Powaqqatsi, by Godfrey Reggio

The baby is watching you!
	So smile like a soldier!
Shake off the dirt,
	Roll in the water!
To rise and smell,
	To kiss and tell,
		To live and fell,
			From the ground,
				To the sky!
Now it is your turn,
	To watch the baby!



Piotr Dumala

1988|Poland|7 min|BW|Animation

- The box locked around the mind.

Political Thriller/Avant-garde
, by

A nail,
	longer than your thumb,
		runs through your tongue.
You try to speak,
	with much sincerity
		like those who had flung.
The walls keep on rusting,
	every night and every morning,
		until you no longer live on.
					 Why is the exit so dark?
Because that's where the entrance used to be on.