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Ed Emshwiller

1966|USA|38 min|Col|Live Action

- Open secret of human society.

Film Liberalism/Experimental
Koyaanisqatsi, by Godfrey Reggio

	The energy is speeding up your lung,
	You had to cough!
	The flow is going up your stomach,
	You had to choke!
	Experience your life full of potential,
	For mystery, it shades your eyes,
			but not your brain,
	For adversity, it blocks your chest,
			  but not your heart.
	The energy! The flow!
		What it means to be human!


Annecy 100
Brief Encounters
Cinecouch's Essential Films

Gertie the Dinosaur

Winsor McCay

Gertie the Dinosaur
1914|USA|12 min|BW|Animation/Liv-Ac

- Frame by Frame.

Comedy/Interactive Film
Who Framed Roger Rabbit, by Robert Zemeckis

Push the right button.
	No, I mean the right button!
	Yes, the right one,
		The red one.
		No, the red one!
		The right one!
			Yes, now push it!
			What's wrong?
			Push the right button!
	How would the dinosaur come out if you don't push it?
Kid: I don't want the dinosaur to come out...


Cinecouch's Favorite

Invitation to a Journey
(L'invitation au voyage)

Germaine Dulac

Invitation au voyage
1927|France|39 min|BW|Live Action

- Drowning in love boat.

Bitter Moon, by Roman Polanski

A beautiful triangle,
	So soft on the edge.
She sits there in the restaurant,
	As if the customers were in trance.
		A man comes in,
			For the great opening,
				Lasting the whole night,
					Until she bites.
A beautiful cylinder,
	Leads the appetite.
		She is no longer hungry for the pipe.


Cinecouch's Essential Films

Ghosts Before Breakfast

Hans Richter

1928|Germany|6 min|BW|Live Action

- Man after dinner.

Orphée, by Jean Cocteau

I picked up the phone.
	It was an important meeting,
	As important as whatever I am doing.
		And there is no reason for me to go,
		But there is no reason for me to not go,
		Yet I picked up the phone.
	The moon is getting low,
	And it starts to drag on my toe.
The meeting can wait,
	It isn't worth your breakfast to go pro,
	At least the eggs can glow.


Brief Encounters
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An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
(La rivière du hibou)

Robert Enrico

La riviére du hibou
1962|France|28 min|BW|Live Action

- Suffocating pace.

Diabolique, by Henri-Georges Clouzot

	"Too long,
		I'm more interested in what he did wrong.
	Give him a gun,
		and make the scene more fun."
			- Hitchcock
	"Too short,
		Make the river longer by the fort.
	I don't care if my audience snort,
		Make it a feature,
			and get some support."
			- Clouzot


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Jan Svankmajer

1992|Czechoslovakia|17 min|Col|Liv-Ac|Ani

- Hungry, for human consciousness.

Social Satire/Surrealism
Conspirators of Pleasure, by Jan Svankmajer

	What a great taste,
		Like an expired yogurt hosted by bees.
	Eggs are fried with industrial waste,
		served with over-fermented cheese.
	Bread is made from heated paste,
		full of cadavers of yeast.
	What kind of restaurant is this?
		Look at the sign up from the waist,
			No humans allowed, please!


TSPDT 1000
Brief Encounters
Cinecouch's Essential Films

The Red Balloon
(Le ballon rouge)

Albert Lamorisse

The Red Balloon
1956|France|34 min|Col|Live Action

- Floating innocence.

WALL-E, by Andrew Stanton

It tilts,
	slightly towards the alley,
		past the lovers' clothes,
			past the missing rose,
				and higher,
		it gets smaller,
				but higher,
				but higher,
		and so born the star.


Annecy 100
Cinecouch's Essential Films
Cinecouch's Favorite

The Man Who Planted Trees
(L'homme qui plantait des arbres)

Frédéric Back

The Man Who Planted Trees
1987|Canada|30 min|Col|Animation

- The greatest man hides among us all.

Ikiru, by Akira Kurosawa

	are mobile.
	One can blow off all its leaves,
	One can cut off all its branches,
	One can scar its stem,
	One can enslave its body.
		But that is never the end,
		Like few will ever understand.
		The scar will mend, the remains will blend.
The vast is to amass, the spirit will also last,
			And it dies and lives on its ascend.


Brief Encounters
Cinecouch's Essential Films

One Week

Buster Keaton, Edward F. Cline

One Week
1920|USA|19 min|BW|Live Action

- ...of honeymoon.

Our Hospitality, by Buster Keaton

"How much did you pay?"
"4 cents."
"Are you serious?"
"Yes, that's the cost of the postage."
"...You could do..."
"Don't worry, it's only one week."
"No way."
"You could use the windows."
"YOU could use the windows."
"It's only one week..."
"Well, see you in one week then."


Jonathan Rosenbaum 1000
Annecy 100
Brief Encounters
Cinecouch's Essential Films

King-Size Canary

Tex Avery

King-Size Canary
1947|USA|8 min|Col|Animation

- Big, Bigger and still Bigger...

Screwball Comedy/Absurdism
The Blues Brothers, by John Landis

Listen up, kids!
	This is no Tom and Jerry,
		This is no Fast and Fury,
			This is no Pickle and Cherry,
				This is King-sized Canary!
Kid: Where do I find one?
Narrator: Oh--- no,
	You don't find one,
		It finds you.