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Stille Nacht I

Stephen Quay, Timothy Quay

Stille Nacht I
1988|UK/Canada|1 min|BW|Animation

- The 1 minute that shock the screen.

, by

	Beat the door
			Beat the floor
					Beat the drawer
			and Drowning.


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The Mad Masters
(Les maîtres fous)

Jean Rouch

Maitres fous
1955|France|36 min|Col|Live Action

- A trap in a circle.

Jaguar, by Jean Rouch

	  When you cannot control yourself,
	 Someone is controling you.
	 Doesn't that mean,
	  You are controling someone else?


Jonathan Rosenbaum 1000
Brief Encounters

Passionless Moments

Jane Campion, Gerard Lee

Passionless Moments
1983|Australia|13 min|BW|Live Action

- Unbearable cuteness of being.

Film Essay/Comedy
, by

A girl sets her stop watch to zero.
	A boy sets his alarm clock to tomorrow.
A dog sets her bones to memory,
	A cat sets her mat to history.
A chair sets itself to be sat on,
	A lamp sets itself to be turned on.
A book sets itself on fire,
	A pen sets itself to retire.
Why is life so stiff and yesterday?
	Because the hero is set to last century?
		Or we are set to contrary?


Cinecouch's Favorite


Dianne Jackson

1989|UK|35 min|Col|Animation

- Ties past centuries.

, by

	A warm sweater,
		Attached to an unsigned letter,
			For the odorous touch,
				Blown from the latter.
	The sweater unfolds,
		To a room full of chatter,
			For an elusive step,
				The wool is about to scatter.
	Someone is calling,
		To take the sweater,
			But the mind, is always faster.


Annecy 100
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How the Cossacks Played Football
(Kak kazaki v futbol igrali)

Vladimir Dakhno

How the Cossacks Played Football
1970|Soviet Union|18 min|Col|Animation

- Playful tactics.

Shaolin Soccer, by Stephen Chow

No. 7
Now passed one man,
	Now two,
		To the right side,
			A marvelous cross,
				No. 9!
					The header!
The goalkeeper is still stuck in traffic,
	He can be there any minute now.


(Le merle)

Norman McLaren

Le merle
1958|Canada|4 min|Col|Animation

- A dancing puzzle.

, by

The stage is taken down,
	No more lighting,
		No more sound.
The dancer continues,
	Her dress spinning in the air,
		Revolving around her loose hair.
The stage is now in pieces,
	No more audience,
		No more grounds.
But she stays in the air,
	Even for no one there is to share.


Annecy 100
Cinecouch's Favorite

The Joy of Life
(La joie de vivre)

Anthony Gross, Hector Hoppin

Joie de vivre
1934|France|9 min|BW|Animation

- avec deux beautés.

Romantic Fantasy/Adventure
, by

Cheese melts from your left to right,
	Lips in between two soft bites.
	Drop a butterfly,
		Swamped in the mire,
			Unable to fly.
	Pull your strings down,
		And tie your lips tight.
Cheese melts from your up to right,
	Let it drip like a bud at night.
	Take away the butterfly,
		And mire yourself with no end in sight.


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At Land

Maya Deren

At Land
1944|USA|15 min|BW|Live Action

- Land transmiting through air.

The Milky Way, by Luis Buñuel

She looks around the boutique store,
	Nothing but shelves of salesman by the door.
	One steps up and ask her what she's here for,
	What for?
	To buy things to put on the floor!
But she looks around once more,
	And finds nothing but men's corps.
	But there're already four on her floor,
	What is there left to explore?
And she looks around once more,
	Oh, men are such a bore.


Brief Encounters
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Julie Dash

1982|USA|36 min|BW|Live Action

- What identity shapes like?

Social Commentary/Drama
Shadows, by John Cassavetes

Look at the front,
	A dull-shaped font.
Peek at the back,
	A matte black stack.
Seek at the left,
	A pair of hands, deft.
Hook at the right,
	A tiny bit of white.
What is it?
	It is who,
		Lies in the illusions of light.


Brief Encounters
Cinecouch's Favorite

Two Men and a Wardrobe
(Dwaj ludzie z szafa)

Roman Polanski

Two Men and a Wardrobe
1958|Poland|15 min|BW|Live Action

- Time to dress up your eyes.

Knife In The Water, by Roman Polanski

One asked the other,
	Where they were going.
The other answered,
	Wherever came to them.
One promptly put on his coat,
	Putting away his jacket.
The other laughed,
	Like a fired rocket.
	Grab that coral fish,
		If you will,
			The place is dry and chill.