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The 'High Sign'

Buster Keaton, Edward F. Cline

The 'High Sign'
1921|USA|21 min|BW|Live Action

- Broken-wing gang.

, by

Hit and run could be executed properly without being executed.
The key is to get the keys beforehand.
One needs to plan the run and run the plan.
Let someone else do the hit so nobody will be hit.
It is a known fact that not every robber is known.
But some are better unknown than others.
The "street" can be slow so it's best to avoid the street.
The best goods are always sold before they are good.
So to take the other side is really to take the side with others.
There couldn't be anything more than this.
For no one and nothing would be left without being right.


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...No Lies

Mitchell Block

No Lies
1973|USA|16 min|Col|Live Action

- The masks of life.

, by

Q: What happened?

					A: I got rubbed(robbed).


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Valie Export

1983|Austria|18 min|Col|Live Action

- Synthesis of life mirrors.

, by

Glass displays - Ah
	Ah - Stockings are ripped
	Oh - with an angle
	Uh - not wide enough
	Ooh - for a one-step entry
Acrylic displays - Mmm
	Mmm - Stockings are ripped
	Hmm - with an angle
	Umm - just wide enough
	Yeah - for one step to take it all


Annecy 100
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Osamu Tezuka

1984|Canada/Japan|7 min|Col|Animation

- A bird with no wings.

, by

One day
	God looks at mankind,
		And finds
			No use to give them wings
				For what they do of their kind.
But man
	Unwilling to stay confined
		Unsatisfied to fall behind
			Decide to use his legs
				To stop the decline.
And he jumps, out of his mind, out of HIS mind.


Annecy 100

Harvie Krumpet

Adam Elliot

Harvie Krumpet
2003|Australia|23 min|Col|Animation

- The little big man.

Black Comedy/Social Satire
Mary and Max , by Adam Elliot

Why me?
	You little peaches. 
	Go squeeze yourself.
		I'd rather dig a hole in the table
		Than repair it afterwards.
I'm tired.
	Not every question smells.
	Some smell better than others.
		I'd rather smell the couch
		Than being smelled on the couch.
I'd rather not say what I just said.


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Max Skladanowsky

1895|Germany|6 min|BW|Live Action

- Beat the hell out of the Kangeroo!

Eadweard Muybridge, Zoopraxographer, by Andersen

We've got to put you on.
We've got to put you on.
	put you on...
	put you on...
We've got to put you on.
We've got to put you on.
					You've got to put me on...


Words, Words, Words
(Reci, reci, reci...)

Michaela Pavlátová

Reci, reci, reci
1991|Czechoslovakia|9 min|Col|Animation

- Incomplete guide to social arts.

Social Satire/Surrealism
, by

I say  How about we get over to that table
	Oh What you say         I didn't really see that
Of course
			It appeals
		   Some are nonsense        You know
	Others are nuns            That we all know
Fuck the punctuations      Words are more important
Yes      I mean words    Whatever the hell we are talking with
	    Now we have to pick a table           I see one
	No   I mean a table   Table    Forget about the nuns
Let's just fuck the nuns and get over to that table       OK


Jonathan Rosenbaum 1000
Brief Encounters

Black and Tan

Dudley Murphy

Black and Tan
1929|USA|19 min|BW|Live Action

- Jazzling love.

, by


The Life and Death of 9413, a Hollywood Extra

Robert Florey, Slavko Vorkapich

The Life and Death of 9413, a Hollywood Extra
1928|USA|13 min|BW|Live Action

- Fairway(Farewell) to stardom.

, by

First take: Take it.
Second take: OK, let's take it easy.
Third take: Take it up.
Fourth take: Who took it?
Fifth take: Wait, somebody took it.
Sixth take: OK, give or take 3 more minutes.
Seventh take: ......
Eighth take: I can't take it anymore.
Ninth take: OK, take him out of here.
Tenth take: Take this to the producer.
Eleventh take: I need to take my pills.


Cinecouch's Favorite

Fire in Castilla (Tactilvision from the Moor of the Fright)
{Fuego en Castilla (Tactilvisión del páramo del espanto)}

José Val del Omar

Fuego en Castilla (Tactilvisión del páramo del espanto)
1961|Spain|20 min|BW|Live Action

- Magician's practice before concert.

, by

Black heat
	permeating on the sweat you gave me
	untastefully sweet and salty drying my breathe way
	next to nothing I pat on your shoulders
	take off the coarse grains dipped in moisture
	your pain cannot be observed from the onset
	fire brews from within a larger void to be filled
	awaiting the sense to be delivered by your looking
	away from the slow burning towards my opening
		Before the heat was black