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Cinecouch's Essential Films

The Devil's Church
(Die Teufelskirche)

Hans Mierendorff

The Devil's Church
1919|Germany|47 min|BW|Live Action

- Bones (not) accepted.

, by

SCREW that bitch,

 This is a devil's CHURCH,

  A place to get yourself HITCHED,

   So that it leaves your life in an utter DITCH.


Cinecouch's Essential Films
Cinecouch's Favorite

Vernon, Florida

Errol Morris

Vernon, Florida
1981|USA/West Germany|56 min|Col|Liv-Ac

- The beauty of insignificance.

Portrait Doucmentary
, by

The old man trains the gopher,
	and tells the other to hunt for a turkey.
The other man tells the turkey,
	and trains the old gopher to hunt.
The gopher man hunts the old,
	and trains the other turkey to tell.
	Everyone has a story to tell,
		When life plays itself,
		there is no need to rush.
	So just be in it.



Terence Davies

1976|UK|44 min|BW|Live Action

- In itself, leaf needs water.

Memoir/Social Commentary
, by

You were sitting in a room,
	Engulfed by tremendous gloom,
As to whether this incomprehensible loneliness
	Is merely a facade,
		Or hopelessly doomed.
You were sitting in a room,
	Surrounded by yourself,
		From many years ago.
It is the most painful thing to do,
	To see and to say,
		That you still don't know whom.


Cinecouch's Essential Films

The Great Sadness of Zohara

Nina Menkes

The Great Sadness of Zohara
1983|Israel/Morocco|40 min|Col|Liv-Ac

- The wail from a withering mind.

Avant-garde/Diary Film
, by

Knowing a way out
	Does not lead to the way out.
Knowing a way in
	Does not lead to the way out.
Knowing where it leads,
	Does not lead to the way out.
Knowing what it is
	Does not lead to the way out.
Struggling between the outer and inner self,
	The way out is to create the way yourself.


Cinecouch's Favorite

Five Filosophical Fables

Donald Richie

Five Filosophical Fables
1970|Japan|47 min|BW|Live Action

- The fortune teller and her men.

Surreal Comedy/Social Satire
, by

I walked around the temple,
	In the middle of the day,
		No more subtle,
			Than the kid who wants to play.
	It suddenly,
		No long held my presence,
			Along the side of nuissance,
				To the little man,
					Nothing has to say.
And I walked and walked.
And I walked and walked and cried like the kid.


Cinecouch's Essential Films
Cinecouch's Favorite

A Dirty Story
(Une sale histoire)

Jean Eustache

Une sale histoire
1977|France|50 min|Col|Live Action

- When vagina speaks, attention follows suit.

, by

We like to watch, and we like to watch people watch.
   The room is filled with heat.
You are sweating down there from the heat.
   There is dirtiness in all of us, the unspoken, raw desire,
   for the eyes, penetrating the skin, hurting the organ.
We like to listen, and we like to listen to people listen.
   The room is filled with scream.
You are sweating down there from the scream.
   There is lust in all of us, the unexpressed, innocent desire,
   for the ears, titillating the lips, hurting the throat.
   				...were you there?


Brief Encounters

White Mane
(Crin blanc: Le cheval sauvage)

Albert Lamorisse

Crin blanc: Le cheval sauvage
1953|France|40 min|Live Action

- Light in their eyes.

, by

The poor creature
	It's falling
	              in its own blood.
I'm too weak
	My head is spinning
		My foot locked in the sand
I see it going
	without me
		without my own blessing
			How long and how far will it take?


Cinecouch's Essential Films

The Brickmakers

Marta Rodríguez, Jorge Silva

1972|Colombia|42 min|BW|Live Action

- Under-salted sweat.

Direct Cinema/Social Issues
, by

My trousers are blue.My trousers are blue.My trousers are blue.
My trousers are blue.My trousers are blue.My trousers are blue.


Cinecouch's Favorite


Frantisek Vlácil

1974|Czechoslovakia|50 min|Col|Liv-Ac

- Man's best friend, also fighting.

, by

The best time to say goodbye

		When the sky starts to cry.
Even then,

		You still may never find out


Cinecouch's Favorite

Shoulder Arms

Charles Chaplin

Shoulder Arms
1918|USA|45 min|BW|Live Action

- Kaiser looking for his chessboard.

War Satire/Surreal Comedy
, by

	An uncommon desire,
		Is to fire,
			At a moment's notice,
				To the mire.
		The fire that
				Heats up
My drink.
	Here is a toast,
		To the greatest liar!