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Frédéric Back

1975|Canada|12 min|Col|Animation

- Illusion is a kid's reality.

, by

I sit, I sit up
	I eat, I eat up
		I kick, I kick up
			I jump, I jump up
U look, U look away
	U dance, U dance away
		U smile, U smile away
			U fly, U fly away
		I was U, where there was nothing else
				to see
	    for U were I, to see nothing but there is to C.


July '71 in San Francisco, Living at Beach Street, Working at Canyon Cinema, Swimming in the Valley of the Moon

Peter Hutton

July '71 in San Francisco, Living at Beach Street, Working at Canyon Cinema, Swimming in the Valley of the Moon
1971|USA|35 min|BW|Live Action

- Catch it before it slips away.

, by

standing by the door
	at 59
		demanding a different set of skills
				the ability
			to distract yourself
		from the daily minutiae
	that extract from life
its most precious moment
					life is short
					   so stand by the window


Jonathan Rosenbaum 1000

Charleston Parade
(Sur un air de Charleston)

Jean Renoir

Sur un air de Charleston
1927|France|17 min|BW|Live Action

- The moves from outer space.

Sci-fi Comedy/Dance
, by

Dance your toe on a pair of stolen lips,
	A magnificent falter,
		Rolls up the stoned hips.
Black is the arm and leg,
	White is the yolk and egg,
		Never before noon,
			To sit on your bottom and beg.
Move around like a man hit high,
	All the sweat is becoming dry,
		For to erect your last bent toe,
			Swell those tips like a daytime pro.


Cinecouch's Essential Films
Cinecouch's Favorite

Human Remains

Jay Rosenblatt

Human Remains
1998|USA|30 min|BW|Live Action

- The private lives of cats, and some humans.

, by

		A human mouth unfiltered
		A human mouth unrestricted

	From a distance, devouring all encountering,
	Sparkling little people, moving left, moving right,
	A truck of them, running over, another truck of them,
	The Banquet is in your head, the noise becomes the music,



Joris Ivens, Mannus Franken

1929|Netherlands|14 min|BW|Live Action

The wet symphonic fantasy.

, by

	It tickles.
		From the tip of your umbrella,
			To the tip of your toes.
	You step on a splash,
		Splash on a step,
			And nobody knows.
	It tickles,
		From the tip of your toes,
			To where everyone goes.


Cinecouch's Essential Films
Cinecouch's Favorite

The Hundred Headless Women
(La femme 100 têtes)

Eric Duvivier

La femme 100 têtes
1968|France|21 min|BW|Live Action

- Max, where art thou?

, by

Scenario 1: Wild Woman/Walking/Without Walkers
Scenario 2: Big Breasts/Bored/Before Breakfast
Scenario 3: Long Legs/Licked/Live Lessons
Scenario 4: Round Rear-end/Rolling/Rare Rewards
Scenario 5: Fine Forest/Faded/Five Fingers
Scenario 6: Mad Man/Married/More Misses
Scenario 7: Giggly Girls/Groaning/God Gladly
Scenario 8: Divine Dame/Drugged/During Drinking
Scenario 9: High Heels/Honed/Hands Hot
Scenario 10:Naive Nurses/Nodding/New Nipples
Scenario 11:Slim Stockings/Soaked/Soon Slappings


Cinecouch's Essential Films

Precious Images

Chuck Workman

Precious Images
1986|USA|8 min|BW/Col|Live Action/Anim

- A century of alternative century.

Film Collage/Avant-garde
Histoire(s) du cinema, by Jean-Luc Godard

	a one, a two, a three steps behind
	every scenary upon a retrospection
	into every man and his wife and 
	every woman and her life, distilled
	brewed, fermented on a flatbed flat
	bread baked fine grain, fine gain,
	as to tonight's dinner, who else
	is not coming because of the flu?


The Mysteries of the Chateau de De
(Les mystères du château de Dé)

Man Ray

Les mystères du château de Dé
1929|France|27 min|BW|Live Action

- The gambling house where no one plays.

, by

K wants to slide into the hole,
	and stays there all night.
		But his turn is turned over too many times
S cannot wait unless her pillow is not ready.
H moves the pieces and decides to piss on it,
	only to find out K has already done so.
So perhaps the pleasure can be liquidified,
	upon L's request that
		her shaking was due to pure chances.
So it's not until later that K finally slides into the hole.


Cinecouch's Favorite


Robert Breer

1974|USA|8 min|Col|Animation

- A travelers' etching.

, by

Coming off Toronto Airport
	Realizing the sun is from the wrong direction
		Looking for the famous mountain
			Seeing snow instead forming the fountain
I take off my glasses
	Walking towards the rails
		Seemingly unhinged from each other
			Telling me the hope is not yet under
So I hop on the train
		And find on the other side
				The clouds taking off its cover.


Cinecouch's Essential Films


Konstantin Lopushansky

1980|Soviet Union|27 min|BW|Live Action

- The orchestra is ready.

, by

Maze at a higher rate
	Than usual
		Than yesterday
			Than ususual
				Than today
Than a millionth of a second
	Listening at a slower rate
		For father
			For tomorrow
				For mother
					For today